Hub Consulting


Connecting the right talent

with the right opportunity

Partnerships built to last

We connect forward-thinking talent with the companies that are shaping today’s world and making an impact on the planet. As our long-term partners will testify, we are passionately invested in the success of your company and career growth.

Our definition of success means building lasting partnerships where we combine innovative solutions, exceptional talent and best-in-class companies. Bringing out the best in each other is what it’s all about!

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Industry Expertise

Hub Consulting specializes in staffing for Renewable Energy, Tech, and Manufacturing for a simple reason: it’s where we have the most experience with start-ups and companies of different sizes.

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Engineers, Project Managers, Product Development, Sales Operations, and Marketing experts to help in accelerating the future of green energy.



Software Engineers, Data Scientists, IT Security, and Desktop Support for a more productive techy world.



Plant Managers, Automation Control Techs, Electricians, Maintenance Techs, and Operators to keep production lines running.

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