Hub Consulting

We’re at the intersection of business and talent

Every industry has its own language, regulations and metrics for success. At Hub Consulting, we seek out and nurture people who have experience in specific industries. When we place them with clients who value their knowledge, everybody wins – talent shines brightly, clients get projects revved up faster and we have another happy story to add to our book.

Every opportunity we help fill exists at the intersection of several variables: skills needed. Company culture fit. Time and resources available. And of course, the industry.

Hub Consulting specializes in placing IT, manufacturing, construction and agricultural talent, so when we take all those variables into consideration, it’s like solving a three-dimensional puzzle. This takes a little extra time and planning, but when the fit is perfect, it’s so worth it.


The technology industry is in the business of information – collecting it, adding value to it and using it to unleash new, disruptive product offerings. Hub Consulting loves finding work for the kind of creative technologists, marketers and problem solvers the tech industry needs.

Manufacturers thrive on a balance of product innovation and steady operations. Hub Consulting provides the people who keep those engines turning. We utilize our culture of creativity to help manufacturers turn their ideas into real products, maximize the efficiency of their existing lines and build and satisfy demand.

The construction industry sits at the complex intersection of commerce, industrial-scale operations, regulation and the business marketplace. Hub Consulting provides the full range of skills needed in the construction industry, at the level demanded by customers that are expecting projects to be completed on time and on budget.

Success in the ag industry is all about sustainability and efficiency. We understand the importance of having the right skill sets available when needed, and we streamline the process of matching talented people to the right positions. We provide the experience of a high-end boutique to ensure a perfect fit of talent to team.


You've got staffing needs. We've got leading-edge solutions.